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Title: Starflight 3
Post by: dsmart on September 20, 2018, 08:15:09 AM
Yeah, no way this is getting funded on Fig. 45% of the goal with 7 days to go? Not a chance. Hope I'm wrong though, because the original SF1&2 (currently on GoG btw) were the inspirations for my getting into this gamedev farce.

For the record, I didn't back it for the simple reason that they went out and got endorsements from people who have had **NOTHING** to do with the damn genre. This is like George Foreman pitching insurance policies.

One thing is certain, at least now they know that most of the nostalgic types don't give a sh-t. And my guess is that a large majority of the 2765 current backers never played any of the original games.

If within 24hrs you can't raise even 50% of a measly $800K to remake a game that defined an entire genre, you've probably either done something wrong, or your pitch sucks (which it does, actually).