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Re: Elite Dangerous
« Reply #105 on: March 08, 2019, 05:53:52 PM »
Not true. Current gen consoles are powerful enough. They're basically fine-tuned mid-range PCs

To reiterate, when the next gen consoles launch, the next "Era" of Elite could be their killer app at launch.


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Re: Elite Dangerous
« Reply #106 on: March 21, 2019, 12:21:54 PM »
While I'd think Frontier certainly has the next gen consoles in consideration it's probably not the only one behind the 2020 major milestones update. The next phase of ED's 10-year planning has been in mind for a long time. There were going to be continued seasons past Horizons. So it's a good sign FD re-invested and committed to the next major updates where much of the sales (and player activity) have been also on the pc platform besides the consoles, and they've always endeavored to keep ED as an MMO shared verse.  I'd think while ED 2020 would be sure to work on next gen consoles arriving with improved graphics, as long as the PS4 still has a decent playerbase, ED will be maintained on it also, similar to how ED versions are maintained among PS4, PS4Pro & XBox1. (
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Re: Elite Dangerous
« Reply #107 on: June 02, 2019, 11:04:17 PM »
Not even slightly. Dwarf fortress is an order of magnitude “harder”. There are some platform games that are designed to be “hard” and require perfect timing and great skill.

E:D, in general is a space trading simulator with a reasonable tutorial. read manga Where is gets difficult is learning where all the controls are and knowing when to use them. This can be helped with the use of a flight control stick and throttle and is a natural fit for VR.
Yeah, we just lol at those guys now. Meanwhile ED is continuing to move on as a working game.


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Re: Elite Dangerous
« Reply #108 on: August 22, 2019, 04:49:01 PM »

Elite Dangerous just pissed all over Star Citizen. Again.

Star Citizen isn't a game. It's a TV show about a bunch of characters making a game. It's basically "This is Spinal Tap" - except people think the band is real.


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Re: Elite Dangerous
« Reply #109 on: Today at 07:47:02 PM »
Oh yeah, when fleet carriers were delayed from the Beyond updates last year, there was so much flak from the impatient and the trollish remarks saying FDev were worse than CIG, Lol. When the actuality was FDev and Frontier work on Elite:Dangerous realistically and if something doesn't make their projected release announcements, they just quietly continue to work on it realistically with their time and resources, not have half the company about marketing shenanigans and ponzi fund raising.

The fleet carriers seem to be more like unflyable space bases for now, but I think it's going to be a huge step for player persistent assets in the massive scope of the ED modeled galaxy infrastructure. And it's still free with the horizons update dlc since it's not part of the upcoming 2020 major updates. Once they add a degree of spacelegs to the mix and overall game, it's going to set another pioneering & innovation game industry bar record again, truly the "bdssgem".
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