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Re: CryTek v RSI/CIG
« Reply #240 on: April 23, 2018, 02:59:40 PM »
CIG could win this? Seriously? You that dumb? I thought Serenstupidity was banned, but now I'm not sure anymore.


CryTek might fail to demonstrate intent for example. That's a fairly high bar.
A jury might believe this is a vexatious lawsuit brought by a failing company because it underestimated the amount of money it could get via royalties.
They might find CIG guilty but provide only limited damages.

And so on.

Don't make the mistake of thinking this is a sure thing. That's what many SC backers are doing but none of us knows the law well enough, even some trained lawyers have been "surprised" and CryTek are requesting a jury trial.

The most we can do is state that right now, CryTek appears to have the stronger case and appears our non professional win some sort of judgement but even that isn't certain.

OK, I'm becoming more and more convinced that you're another Serendipity alt just trolling us. He's the only stupid person to ever come to these forums and stuck around long enough for EVERYONE to stop taking him seriously.

ps: CryTek doesn't have to prove intent. And the only way CIG will "win" is if 1) the judge accepts their entire MtD and tosses the case 2) they prevail on ALL the FIVE causes of actions in the lawsuit.

pps: This is not the forum thread for that nonsense. Keep this crap in the other thread as we don't like threads going off topic. Next time, your posts will be deleted. For now, I've moved it.
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