Author Topic: German Court Bans Vague Dates like "Coming Soon" in Marketing and Sales  (Read 11865 times)


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Star Citizen isn't a game. It's a TV show about a bunch of characters making a game. It's basically "This is Spinal Tap" - except people think the band is real.


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This is great news for Star Citizen :emot-lol:

Not the first such ruling and to my knowledge is honestly mirroring the EU's overal idea of delivery dates (especially for things bought through online shops).

By the way, just took a quick look at the actually ruling - they ruled following the german fair trade law (UWG), which is non accessable for normal customers(8ff UWG about legal consequences and who can sue), but needs to be pushed by competitors or consumer assistance centres (and such acknowledged "clubs").
The whole UWG is interesting in that it was reworked because of Europoean Commission decision. Then again LEGO got protection against companies producing similar blocks like them long after the timeframe for the specific design protection ended through said law, as courts found such block misusing the good name of LEGO and their product by copying it.

I shouldn't really write about such stuff, when it's too late and i've just skimmed the whole thing.
So yes the BGB was broken (major civil law), so there should be some legal ways for consumers.
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