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Re: Elite Dangerous
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Well... Odyssey started somehow like SC

yeah, I'd admit the launch has been rough. The first few days had a lot of server disconnections and related problems no doubt partly due to the highest ever server load of users in ED's history. But imo, it's still far and away from the shenanigans and farcical history of CIG and SC and there have already been two hotfixes. FDev isn't going to let this slide for months and years like "30k" SC. My experience is much bettter now and I can play 95% of the time with no real gameplay breaking problems and I left it on and wasn't disconnected out for several hours. With Braben's apology yesterday, I doubt he sincerely expected it to be that rough. My guess is that there was some miscommunication of how ready Odyssey was, and it was a bad call and mistake not to have a month long beta period with a whole test copy of the combined verse like they used to do for updates for Beyond and Horizons. I have no doubt and complete faith they are working around the clock to square these issues for many about lower framerates, and some gameplay bugs. Though I've been almost completely fine doing regular ED activities and the missions worked fine for me. Also enjoying all the new textures and ground assets. The game has never looked better. This also goes to show how realistically hard it is to have so much persistent working with both a full ship game and now on foot perspectives, areas and npcs and in such an unprecedented groundbreaking scope. o7
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Re: Elite Dangerous
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Well... thats your opinion, thats fine.

I don't like it at all and i'm a big fan of Eilite.
But this version is still a alpha.


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