Author Topic: Star Citizen Lies, Ramblings, Jpegs, and Bullshit  (Read 73538 times)


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Re: Star Citizen Lies, Ramblings, Jpegs, and Bullshit
« Reply #420 on: October 07, 2020, 02:20:06 PM »
So the already dodgy funding tracker lost over $1M a few days ago

Contrary to some opinions on this, I find no reason to believe that the funding chart is tied to any investments other than backer pledges. If they were reducing the amounts based on outgoing funds, then they could have done that all this time - as well as adding the two Calder investments to it.

I think because they're probably doing their YE financials, they figured out that the numbers were off - somehow; so they corrected it. Of course it's fraudulent AF, but who gives a shit at this point?
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